February 28, 2013

Basic Facts About PROTEIN

Okay guys so let's talk protein. Protein cosists of amino acids chais. That's basic. But there are about twenty different amino acids, which can be combined into an eternal amount of protein patterns, in either long or short chains. Nine of those amino acids are essential and needed in order to live. Those proteins must be consumed through our diet. Let's line them up:  isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine and histidine. Other amino acids that the body needs is automatically created by the body. The human is in need of the foods that has a suitable protein breakdown. The protein we eat resolves into amino acids in the intestinal tract, which is used for build of the bodys own protein. The Amino acids detemines its biological quality. So, in order to created a perfect balance the body needs protein, since it contains amino acids.

Different types of protein
-Protein can be put into groups according to their different functions: structural proteins (collagen and elastin), storage protein (casein, gluten, obalbumin), muscle proteins (actin and myosin), functional proteins (enzymes, hormones), and transforming protein (hemeglobine, myoglobine)

Casein protein
-The main protein that is found in milk and other diary products is casein, which consists about 80 percent of the whole protein content. Other proteins in milk is called whey protein.

Why "Casein" & "Whey"?
-When cheese is made, the casein protein is coming together to build thee three dimention network, which creates the structure of the cheese. The whey protein doesn't stay in the cheese, but dissolves into a watery structure – whey – which is parted from the cheese during the curdling. It's from this cycle they have gotten their names. There are three types of casein in milk: alfa,- beta, and kappa-casein.

Protein and physical activity
-Researches shows that milk protein might be better than other proteins during recovery after physical activity. Why? The whey protein is absorbed faster, therefor it's great when building muscle. Casein is effective to prevent breakdown of the bodys own muscle proteins, and would be a great thing to consume before bed in order to prevent breakdown during sleep.

How much protein do we need?
-According to northern nutrition recommendations, 10-20 % of your diets energy should come from proteins. The average intake in the northern countries is around 14-18 % of the energy intake. However, when a person is physically active, the need of protein is increased. An approximate study was done which showed that athletic men needs 1,4-1,8 g protein per kilo of their own body weight EACH day.


So where do we find protein? Here's a few of my favorite foods:

Eggs: Boiled, fryed or scrambeled.
Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and quark. Along with fruits or berries or as a side for dinner.

Lean meats such as sirloin, chicken, turkey.
Nuts, lentils, seeds and beans! My favorites are para nuts and almonds.

Protein shakes and protein bars...Yum!

How The GirlFit Challenge Is Going

Hey! I thought about updating you about how the GirlFit Challenge is going. So last friday I recieved the schedule for this week, and here's what it's like:

Monday: Whole foods shop & before breakfast power walk
Tuesday: 2-3 liters of water & 100 walking lunges
Wednesday: 5-6 home made meals & participate in group fitness
Thursday: Carbs and protein breakfast & 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 butt ups
Friday: try a new veggie & go for a swim
Saturday: water only (no juice, coffee, alcohol)  60 sec plank, 30 sec side planks, 15 bicycle legs 3-4 times
Sunday: try a protein shake & participate in a girlfit sundays workout

So far I've managed good. Monday I got up at 5, had my power walk to the bus (2,19 kilometers and it took me 22 minutes) and I got myself sharon fruits for a whole food shop. Tuesday I had more than 3 liters of water which both my mom and some IG followers felt a little unsure about. Maybe it was too much, but what the heck I'm still alive haha. The walking lunges was done in gym class (20), on my way into english class (10) and in the hallway at home (20). I'll do the remaining 50 today during my at-home workout since I unfortunately forgot to do them tuesday. Yesterday I had homemade meals all day! (cottage cheese, fruits and egg for breakfast. Wheat berries, canned tuna, egg, avocado for lunch. Chicken pie for dinner and cottage cheese w banana and apples for evening snack). Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate in a group fitness sesh since I'm sick and spend the evening at my grandparents. I just had my carb and protein breakfast which consisted of avocado, turkey and cottage cheese on a whole wheat bread slice, banana slices, one kiwi and some pb and green tea.

I don't think I'll be able to go for a swim friday since me and my bf will celebrate our nanoversary (yayyy), but the remaining challanges will be done properly. Are any of you doing the challenge? Don't forget to tag your progress with #girlfit !!

February 24, 2013

About Last Night & Today's Workout

Hi guys! The fashion shows I participated in last night went great. I was super nervous before every single time it was my turn to enter the runway, but as fast as I got out there all those feelings disappeared and I just had so much fun. I'm so happy I didn't fall haha...additionally my bf said I did great so I'll have to trust him on that! :) 
Me before the 2nd show

Now to today's workout! Here's what I did:

-1 k incline power walk
- 2 k sprint
- Barbell squat 10 x 3 (20 kg)
- Lying leg press 7 x 4 (60 kg)
- Thigh leg lift 7 x 5
- Calf press 7 x 4
-180 degree crunsh raises 7 x 4

My day so far: Panana pancake breakfast with my bf, salmon dinner (+ pear protein shake and an avocado) for post-workout dinner. A pic from todays gym sesh, snack while studying. 

February 22, 2013

Today's BUTT & CORE workout

-1 k high incline power walk and jog
-1 k sprint
-Donkey kick. Each leg: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, + 10 sec hold
-Peeing dog. Each leg: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, + 10 sec hold
-Bent leg cross raise. Each leg: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 + sec hold
-Deep squats with a 8 kg kettle bell 10 x 3
-90 degree squat position hold 10 sec x 3
-Ab coaster: frontal 10 x 3
-Ab coaster laternal 10 x 3 on each side
-THIS lower ab excersise 10 x 3 (x2 reps)
-30 sec plank x 2
-30 sec side plank x 2

Every Day Talk // My Recent Instagram Pics

Hello and happy friday! You just gotta love weekends, huh? It's the perfect time to relax and prepare for another week. The passed few days have been nice and busy for me; I've been in school and on top of that I've studied a whole lot. Especially for an essay about eating disorders that I'm in progress with. Except that I went to my first stress group meeting yesterday, which seems to be great. I'm a person who always put a lot of pressure on myself, I always want to perform my very best. But it's not always possible and that often makes me anxious. So I feel like those meetings where I'll learn why stress appears, get to know my personal factors and learn how to prevent and handle my stress will be great for me. ANYWAYS. This is not gonna turn out like a diary haha, but I feel like those things has sort of a connection with what my blog really is about - health, fitness and well being.

Okay so, today I went to rehearse for a fashion show that I'll participate in tomorrow evening. It all went great but I'm super nervous!!! Haha. I think it's gonna turn out good though. After a couple of hours at the show location I went to the gym for a two hour workout with a friend. I'll post what we did soon.

My recent pictures on instagram; Study sesh last night / today's breakfast / orange close up / some quick post-fashion-show-rehearsal-pre-workout grocery shopping / me and my gym bud haha / post workout snack. 

February 20, 2013

Join The GirlFit Challenge With Me!

Guys! I've decided to join my very first "offical" challenge! And I'd LOVE you to join as well. You can be at any fitness level possible to join. You could be at your second day of your healthy lifestyle or you could be at your fifth year or you could start right...now.This challenge is perfet as a great kick off, just as it's great for any person who wants to challenge theirself a little extra for a certain period of time.

So what the challenge all about? We'll be provided with one food challenge and one excersise challenge DAILY, starting this friday. I can't wait for it to start!!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Like the GIRLFIT page www.facebook.com/GirlfitSundays or search GirlFitSundays on fb. 
2. Check either @BODYOFRACHEL at instagram ( she's the who is running this challenge ) or the fb page on Friday 22nd to prepare for the weeks challenge list. 
3. Check pages daily for updates and reminders. 
4.Share the picture below on you instagram account, tag with #girlfit

YES I'm ready! 

In Need Of Advice Or Motivation?

Just some cute and motivating pictues for ya'll :)

 I hope all of you are having a great journey and that everything is turning out well. Don't hasitate to contact me in case you need advice or motivation. Comment down below or send me an e-mail at mjohansson170@gmail.com. Xoxo

February 19, 2013

Do-it-at-home Chair Workout

I just found this amazing chair workout-vid! Perfect for you guys who don't have access to a gym! :)

Meal Prep Sesh!

Meal prepping is a very common part of the healthy lifestyle, however I have been one of those who doesn't do it at all. Until...last sunday! I went crazy in the kitchen and baked a whole bunch of sweet potato (first time!!) in the oven, steamed veggies and stir fried chicken. Altogether it made three perfect meals for the upcoming week, which right now is laying around in my fridge wating to get right into my belly.

I had the first meal last night and I was surpriced of how convienient it felt to simply pick out a ready meal from the fridge, heat it up and eat. Meal prepping will from now on become a habit of mine!!

Oven baked sweet potato, stir fried chicken with chicken spice, asparagus and steamed broccoli.

Two Of My Latest Workouts

Hi! :) I have a lot going on so the blog is not prio number one right now. Sorry about that! I do my best. Anyway, I was thinking of telling you about my two latest workouts! As usual, I just list the excersises I did and if you have questions let me know :)

Sunday 17/2:
-40 minutes on the act trainer (focus on legs)
-Oblique twists with 6 kg medicide ball 10 x 4 + 10 sec hold after each rep
-Dumbell squats 10 x 4 + 10 sec hold after each rep
-2 regular crunches, 2 alternating crunches, 2 double crunches x 10
-30 sec regular plank x 2
-30 sec side plank, each side x 2

Monday 18/2:
-30 minutes interval training the arc
- Standing bicep curl 10 x 5 (7,5 kg)
- Standing tricep press 10 x 3 on each arm (4kg)
- Standing shoulder press 10 x 5 (8kg)
- Donkey kick 10 x 3
- Peeing dog 10 x 3
-Leg raises 10 x 8
-2 regular crunches, 2 alternating crunches, 2 double crunches x 10

February 17, 2013

Life always offers you another chance. It's called TOMORROW.

Hey! Here comes a serious and honest little time of confession: Yesterday was AWFUL food-wise. It's not that I have guilt, I don't have any feeling accosiated to that at all. Which is good I believe. But I'm aware of how bad my eating was, and in fact I've have had a little treat each day of this week. But that's not the thing, yesterday is the thing. What I did was the worst thing you can do really. The only good thing was my breakfast with consisted of a smoothie parfait, but after that it all went down-hills haha. I didn't have a reasonable meal in the whole day. None. So what did I do instead? I emptied my friends bowl of candy, said YES PLEASE to two different kinds of cakes and also had a little piece of a cheesy pie. Sure I enjoyed it. But never again. Never replace food with treats. It's the worst thing you can do.

Soooo, new day. New choices. New priorities. A new chance. Today's sunday and I started off clean with 500 ml cold fresh water, a banana and a nutrition drink made on almond milk for pre-workout breakfast. I have decided to stay with no treats this week and see where it can get me. I will also make sure to hit the gym more frequent compared to the last umm...two weeks. I've definitely been slacking, but it's alright. I can't see so much of a difference so it's just up to me to get up there again. I'll set up som short-term goals to reach which hopefully will make me even more motivated. Now: Health grocery shopping sesh witn my mom, and after that I'll hit the gym. And I'll hit it HARD. You know what? Let's kick this summer in the face mwahahaha! >:D


February 16, 2013

First Video Blog EVER!

Hi guys :) I didn't even plan on doing this, but while I was doing an excersise at the gym last week I just was like "this should be illegal to keep to myself" so I filmed it for you. So what I did was an alternating Russian twist or Oblique twist as it's also called. For extra challenge I used a 6 kg medicide ball and I also extended my legs during each twist to burn a little extra on the lower part of the belly. I'd suggest to do this one for second-reps such as half a minute x 5 or counted reps such as 20 x 5. Find what works best for you! :)

Excersise: Russian Twist / Oblique Twist
Main target: Abs, waist and back.
Gear: Yoga mat, medicine ball or weight (or just a heavy book would work really!!)

February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Pancakes

Hi guys! As you all probably know, tomorrow is Valentine's day! So I was thinking about giving you some a nice and healthy little idea of what to have to make either for youself as a little self-time treat, or to share with your friend, family or boyfriend / girlfriend. In love-theme of course hehe :)

Take your pancake-making to the next level and make heart-shaped ones using gingerbread forms!! You can also add mashed strawberries or raspberries into your batter to give them a little red color. For extra love, cut out bananas as hearts for a cute topping. 


February 09, 2013

Some Motivational Fitness Gifs

Hellooo and happy saturday! You know what? I totally slept in today, and I could really feel how much I needed it. I mean during the weekdays, I seem to have a non-stop schedule that just keeps going and going...Until the weekend comes, or when I have breakes. That's when I can exhale. For real.

After waking up I had a one of my favorite breakfast. I just have to say before I started eating healthy I seriously thought clean eating would be so difficult and boring. But it's quite the opposite. I'm in love with health foods now!

My breakfast today. Sooo yummy!!!! The parfait consists of mango/strawberry smoothie,
 low fat vanilla yogurt, almond granola, museli and pumpkin seeds.

Today's workout:
-1000 meters sprint as warm up
- "Do the monkey" 20 x 3 (4kg)
-"Dear god don't hit your face" 10 x 3 (3kg)
- "The gun show" 20 x 5 (5kg)

- Dumbbell shoulder press 10 x 3 (5kg)
-Shoulder press on machine 10 x 1 (12,5 kg) &  10 x 4 (10 kg)
- Knee pushups 10 x 3
- Regular pushups 10 x 2
- Advanced pushups 10 x 2
- Back raises 20 x 4

Now: A yummy almond milk chocolate protein shake, well deserved shower and dinner! 

February 08, 2013

Outfits For Working Out

Hi guys! Since I posted last time I've been really busy with school and being sore from that AWESOME day I had with my school mates in the slopes wednesday. That's basically it. But now that I just started off my one week break (this break is actually called sport's break in my country) I hopefully will blog more. 

To start off, I have put together some workout outfits for you! I'd bet I'm not the only one who feel slightly more motivated when I have something nice to put on before my workout, such as a sports bra in a bright color or a cute pair of   trainers. Am I right?! ;) You may not be able to afford one whole outfit right away though, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to collect! Additionally, workout clothes it the perfect thing to ask for when it comes to birthdays :)

1.Victoria's secret sports bra
2. Under armour tankt top
3. Contigo AUTOSEAL® Madison water bottle
4. vs pink yoga shorts
5. nike air 3.0 shoes.

1. Nike shoes (found on shape.com's fitness shoe awards of 2012) 
3.sports bra from H&M sports section 
4. H&M water bottle 
6. Gym bag from Victoria's secret

1. Sports bra from forever21 
2. Victoria's secret water bottle 
3. Nike tank 
5. Nike shorts 

I hope you liked it! :)

February 06, 2013

Grab-And-Go Salad Prep For The Slopes

Hi you! :D So I've been looking forward to this day for weeks now, and now the night before is finally here!! I'm going skiing with school tomorrow!! Skiiing is definitely one of my favorite sports, although I don't practice it very often. Well, this aftenoon I was messing around in the kitchen prepping a salad for lunch to bring, and it turned out amazingly beautiful if you ask me hehe. If it's tasty or not is yet to come though but I can't nothing but believe it will be the perfect lunch for a day in the slopes. Here's what I had in it:

Yes!! A salmon salad! I just threw all of my favorite veggies in there, some steamed salmon and my toppings were pumpkin seeds and a sauce made on quark (quark mixed with seasoning) Then I simply put it in the fridge and tomorrow morning it'll be ready to grab and go! 

Remember "Fail to prepare - prepare to fail" ! ;)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

February 03, 2013

Time to ease my mind: A looong post about my thoughts on judgemental people, the greatest truths I know and some personal fitness-journey talk.

Hi guys! Prepare for a deep post, cause I'm kind of in a mood when I need to write my thoughts out. It's gonna be messy and maybe a little un-organzed but I hope you'll be able catch my point. I just need to ease my mind and hopefully what I have to say will encourage you.

So, over the passed few months I have read about, met and heard people complaining about girls. Certain girls at the gym. Those people who talk are mostly boys in my own age. They, with their super-awesome-best-in-the-world-lifting-weights-no-excuses-I-love-casein kind of knowledge, are totally judging what the girls are practising at the gym. We are wrong for not lifting, we are wrong for not doing enough sets, we are wrong for talking to our friends, we are wrong for spending most time at the treadmill and we are wrong for this and that and this and that.

Let me tell you an example. Let's say there's a girl who enters the gym, spends half an hour at the treadmill running or walking with incline. Then she do some excersises such as planks and a couple of crunches. And then leaves the gym. This happens to be something that those judging people are getting totally out of their minds about, as if that workout is for no matter and it's was unnecessary. You know what? I just wanna throw a sign in their face saying "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS"! And then I'd say: Just don't have your finger in the pie about wether someone is not doing stuff the way you consider right or enough. A workout is always better than no workout. Gahh!! I mean some people just need to come to realization that we all are at different stages and levels in this!!!

It's not realistic to require a new born to stand on their legs and walk the first thing it does when their mother gave birth to them such as it's not realistic to compare a well-experienced gym yunkie to a person who just started their journey. Matter of fact, we all have to start somewhere, just as with everything else in life. Here comes the point: Learning takes time. Developing takes time.  Progressing takes time. Facing and overcoming fear takes time. What I want people to understand is that we all need our time to grow. So let's stop caring about what judging people are telling us for starters. We all know it's not possible to know every fitness-realted fact or be aware of every single scietific effect of certain statergies all at once. We are not able to each goals overnight. We can't become fully grown before we even start. But if we stick to this, try out new things, accept failure and still keep faith, we will develop our little bubble of knowledge about our bodies. We will learn about what works best for us. It takes time and patiante, you can trust me ont that cause I've been and I am there. So please remember, at times, you'll feel like you aren't progressing. I feel thay way every now and then too. But whatever you do, do not give up on this. We are all able to do this. And YOU are one of them.

Just as a little additional personal enlightenment; there's nothing wrong with sticking to the treadmill in the beginning. When I first decided to become the best version of me and started my fitness journey running was the only thing I managed to do t the gym. I was even a little scared to try out the machines and weights to be honest, and the simple step to start running was something I had to speak myself into. My first months consisted of mainly running, and I remember how hard it was but I kept pushing myself somewhere deep inside I knew I'd get better with time. I lost my excess fat that way. (I also started to clean up my diet) Eventually I put my mind into using machines. And today, a little more than one year later I look back on the habits I used to have I can just think "wow, this has taken me so much time, dedication and patience. It took time to change my lifestyle. But look at me now. I made it this far, and more is yet to come.

February 02, 2013


Hi guys! I'm sorry for not posting the last few days, but I didn't really have anything particular to write about Friday and I wasn't able to post about my workout since I was hanging out with a couple of friends, and today I've been with my bf the entire day. Yadyadyad it's time to let you know about my workout friday. It was ARMS day!

-20 min spinning intervals
-3 km sprint
-0,66 km high inlcline walk
-Regular pushups 10 x 7
-Advanced pushups 10 x 4
-Seated dips 10 x 4 (30 kg)
-Shoulder press 10 x 4 (10 kg)
- 10/20 x 4 sets for biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest with 4/5 kg weights

I wasn't too happy about my last arm excersises because I felt a little unfocused, therefore I wasn't able to keep a sensible count on my sets. But I did it all according to habit so it was pretty much like what I wrote above. My soreness keep reminding me of that the workout was worth though. In fact, a workout is better than no workout, no matter if it was the ultimate or the little unpleasant one right?

Haha so here's a pic of me after my gym sesh friday, taken from my instagram. It was my fourth attempt to take a pretty little post workout pic when I found out that my sweater did something revolutionary which made me look kinnndaa pumped so I was like ahhyeahh a little face on that and it's done haha.

GUYS!! REMEMBER!! I know it's not always easy, you'll feel like you want to give up and it's not worth keep fighting. When in that situation, think about WHY you once made the decision to start. This is all for YOU and nobody else. You know what? The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is how you REACT and ACT after feeling like you aren't progressing. You need to stay FOCUSED and ON TRACK and never ever give up on yourself. You are able to do this. It's just a question of time. And you'll get there.