May 28, 2013

Nike Love

I'm thinking about ordering these........ Been browsing around for months in order to find a new pair of runners since mine has HOLES in them haha. I work out too much. That was a lie. Good night xx

May 27, 2013

❤ Reader Quote #1

"What's meant to be will find its way" -foodfitnesshealth@instagram

May 20, 2013


I got myself two new bikinis for the summer last weekend when I visited my friend in Helsingborg. I usually don't easily find bikinis that I like, but this time I tried out a whole bunch bikinis and ended up buying two of them. So happy! Both of them are from a Swedish store called Lindex :) xoxo

May 01, 2013

Motivating Backgrounds For Your Phone.

A few weeks ago I asked you guys if you wanted me to create collages for you to use as backgrounds in your phones and there was a bunch who answered YES so here it is! If requested I'd be glad to create some more but those four are what's available right now.. Hope you like them! :-)

All images used are found at tumblr and weheartit.