February 19, 2013

Meal Prep Sesh!

Meal prepping is a very common part of the healthy lifestyle, however I have been one of those who doesn't do it at all. Until...last sunday! I went crazy in the kitchen and baked a whole bunch of sweet potato (first time!!) in the oven, steamed veggies and stir fried chicken. Altogether it made three perfect meals for the upcoming week, which right now is laying around in my fridge wating to get right into my belly.

I had the first meal last night and I was surpriced of how convienient it felt to simply pick out a ready meal from the fridge, heat it up and eat. Meal prepping will from now on become a habit of mine!!

Oven baked sweet potato, stir fried chicken with chicken spice, asparagus and steamed broccoli.

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