February 28, 2013

How The GirlFit Challenge Is Going

Hey! I thought about updating you about how the GirlFit Challenge is going. So last friday I recieved the schedule for this week, and here's what it's like:

Monday: Whole foods shop & before breakfast power walk
Tuesday: 2-3 liters of water & 100 walking lunges
Wednesday: 5-6 home made meals & participate in group fitness
Thursday: Carbs and protein breakfast & 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 butt ups
Friday: try a new veggie & go for a swim
Saturday: water only (no juice, coffee, alcohol)  60 sec plank, 30 sec side planks, 15 bicycle legs 3-4 times
Sunday: try a protein shake & participate in a girlfit sundays workout

So far I've managed good. Monday I got up at 5, had my power walk to the bus (2,19 kilometers and it took me 22 minutes) and I got myself sharon fruits for a whole food shop. Tuesday I had more than 3 liters of water which both my mom and some IG followers felt a little unsure about. Maybe it was too much, but what the heck I'm still alive haha. The walking lunges was done in gym class (20), on my way into english class (10) and in the hallway at home (20). I'll do the remaining 50 today during my at-home workout since I unfortunately forgot to do them tuesday. Yesterday I had homemade meals all day! (cottage cheese, fruits and egg for breakfast. Wheat berries, canned tuna, egg, avocado for lunch. Chicken pie for dinner and cottage cheese w banana and apples for evening snack). Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate in a group fitness sesh since I'm sick and spend the evening at my grandparents. I just had my carb and protein breakfast which consisted of avocado, turkey and cottage cheese on a whole wheat bread slice, banana slices, one kiwi and some pb and green tea.

I don't think I'll be able to go for a swim friday since me and my bf will celebrate our nanoversary (yayyy), but the remaining challanges will be done properly. Are any of you doing the challenge? Don't forget to tag your progress with #girlfit !!

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