February 06, 2013

Grab-And-Go Salad Prep For The Slopes

Hi you! :D So I've been looking forward to this day for weeks now, and now the night before is finally here!! I'm going skiing with school tomorrow!! Skiiing is definitely one of my favorite sports, although I don't practice it very often. Well, this aftenoon I was messing around in the kitchen prepping a salad for lunch to bring, and it turned out amazingly beautiful if you ask me hehe. If it's tasty or not is yet to come though but I can't nothing but believe it will be the perfect lunch for a day in the slopes. Here's what I had in it:

Yes!! A salmon salad! I just threw all of my favorite veggies in there, some steamed salmon and my toppings were pumpkin seeds and a sauce made on quark (quark mixed with seasoning) Then I simply put it in the fridge and tomorrow morning it'll be ready to grab and go! 

Remember "Fail to prepare - prepare to fail" ! ;)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

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