February 22, 2013

Every Day Talk // My Recent Instagram Pics

Hello and happy friday! You just gotta love weekends, huh? It's the perfect time to relax and prepare for another week. The passed few days have been nice and busy for me; I've been in school and on top of that I've studied a whole lot. Especially for an essay about eating disorders that I'm in progress with. Except that I went to my first stress group meeting yesterday, which seems to be great. I'm a person who always put a lot of pressure on myself, I always want to perform my very best. But it's not always possible and that often makes me anxious. So I feel like those meetings where I'll learn why stress appears, get to know my personal factors and learn how to prevent and handle my stress will be great for me. ANYWAYS. This is not gonna turn out like a diary haha, but I feel like those things has sort of a connection with what my blog really is about - health, fitness and well being.

Okay so, today I went to rehearse for a fashion show that I'll participate in tomorrow evening. It all went great but I'm super nervous!!! Haha. I think it's gonna turn out good though. After a couple of hours at the show location I went to the gym for a two hour workout with a friend. I'll post what we did soon.

My recent pictures on instagram; Study sesh last night / today's breakfast / orange close up / some quick post-fashion-show-rehearsal-pre-workout grocery shopping / me and my gym bud haha / post workout snack. 

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