February 17, 2013

Life always offers you another chance. It's called TOMORROW.

Hey! Here comes a serious and honest little time of confession: Yesterday was AWFUL food-wise. It's not that I have guilt, I don't have any feeling accosiated to that at all. Which is good I believe. But I'm aware of how bad my eating was, and in fact I've have had a little treat each day of this week. But that's not the thing, yesterday is the thing. What I did was the worst thing you can do really. The only good thing was my breakfast with consisted of a smoothie parfait, but after that it all went down-hills haha. I didn't have a reasonable meal in the whole day. None. So what did I do instead? I emptied my friends bowl of candy, said YES PLEASE to two different kinds of cakes and also had a little piece of a cheesy pie. Sure I enjoyed it. But never again. Never replace food with treats. It's the worst thing you can do.

Soooo, new day. New choices. New priorities. A new chance. Today's sunday and I started off clean with 500 ml cold fresh water, a banana and a nutrition drink made on almond milk for pre-workout breakfast. I have decided to stay with no treats this week and see where it can get me. I will also make sure to hit the gym more frequent compared to the last umm...two weeks. I've definitely been slacking, but it's alright. I can't see so much of a difference so it's just up to me to get up there again. I'll set up som short-term goals to reach which hopefully will make me even more motivated. Now: Health grocery shopping sesh witn my mom, and after that I'll hit the gym. And I'll hit it HARD. You know what? Let's kick this summer in the face mwahahaha! >:D


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