February 16, 2013

First Video Blog EVER!

Hi guys :) I didn't even plan on doing this, but while I was doing an excersise at the gym last week I just was like "this should be illegal to keep to myself" so I filmed it for you. So what I did was an alternating Russian twist or Oblique twist as it's also called. For extra challenge I used a 6 kg medicide ball and I also extended my legs during each twist to burn a little extra on the lower part of the belly. I'd suggest to do this one for second-reps such as half a minute x 5 or counted reps such as 20 x 5. Find what works best for you! :)

Excersise: Russian Twist / Oblique Twist
Main target: Abs, waist and back.
Gear: Yoga mat, medicine ball or weight (or just a heavy book would work really!!)

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