April 27, 2013


Guys!! I've created a profile at ask.fm where you can ask me anything you have in mind. Just click right HEEEEEERREEE and start asking. 

April 23, 2013


"It is okay to be at a place of struggle. Struggle is just another word for growth. Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle now and then. In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication of real and important progress. The only one who doesn't struggle is the one who doesn't grow. So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign - celebrate your struggle." 
-Neale Donald Walsch

Me randomly finding quotes that I'm unknowingly in desperate need of doesn't happen often. But today was one of those days when it occurred and I'm forever thankful for that. I always tend to feel so bad while in struggle, and I always find myself getting very frustrated of my behavior caused by struggle. Which is either giving up and putting myself under the covers until my exhaust is somewhat gone, trying to forget about the problem by doing something completely different. Example studying < working out. I WANT to be that girl who always manage to anything perfectly and having the right priorities. Which I am every now and then. It actually happens. I do good things, I'm actually very strong mentally and I have a growing will to do things. I think this is important realizing about yourself. Let yourself believe in the fact that you do good things, and be proud of that! Even when you feel like you're failing. Let the rewarding feeling be your fuel. Embrace it when it comes, remember it when it's gone. However I think we all have those days when in struggle, but as the quote I found says, struggle equals progress. Failure means that you actually ARE trying. 

Thank you fitnessismyway for this. ♥♥♥

Aren't they tooooo beautiful? I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to wear them because the awesomeness revealed will break everybody and everything including my oatmeal and we don't want that to happen. Ehh kidding I'm gonna wear them every single second of the rest of my life. Can't wait for my birthday when I'll receive them from my parents as a birthday gift <3<3<3

April 22, 2013

Amazing. Just Amazing.

I can't give up I've come too far.

Dance class was canceled so I decided to do cardio and planks today. Sounds simple, but I sweated like a pig!!! I LOVE running. I never thought I'd say that two years ago ;-) I'm on my way home now, looking forward to my post workout meal. #foreverhungry

Me a few minutes ago after calming down and stretching :-)

Nutty Chocolate Protein Bars [HOMEMADE]

Doesn't they look deliiiiiicious? I just had all of these along with a latte... well, I shouldn't be that sorry because they are rather clean. If you disregard from the tiiiiny amount of syrup (suggested: maple syrup) those bars are actually 100% clean! (Not sure if syrup is clean....do you know?) Well, this is how I made them, very improvised: First I microwaved 2 dl of oats along with a little bit water to make the oats stick and get a little smudgy. Then I added in some unsweetened cocoa, approxmately 1 and 1/2 tablespoon...a whole lot of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and some flax aswell. You can throw in whatever you please really. Except a bomb, then you'll die. I also put in a tiny bit of syrup, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Mixed it all together into a thick dough, formed it into a square-looking rather flat cookie, melted some 70% dark chocolate to put on top, then I had it in the freezer for let's say...an hour! Took it out, cut in pieces and tada it's done! :-D

 Note that a lot of the things I cook and bake are more or less improvised=use your little foodie-brain and add some more of any ingredient if you find it neccesary. 

I'd love to see your result!! Tag me in your picture on instagram and I'll have a look! It's @healthyfoodgram you know it fellas! ;-)

Last Week's Workout Routine

Hi there! Today is Monday and it's all dull and boring outside unlike the weekend when the sun shone all day. I was even able to sunbath for a couple of hours saturday and sunday, which is kinda pretty super amazingly great for being Sweden. Though I love it. But the summer wasn't here to stay obviously lol. I'm hoping that the sun just hiding for a while. I loved to feel the warmth on my skin again, it kinda reminded both me and my mum about the early summer in new york. Oh gosh that last summers weather was like a stove crossed with a hairdryer twentyfour seven, no joke. Well now I'm just spitting words again, TO THE BUSINESS. I was gonna tell you about last week's workout routine. So here it is:

Monday: 1h body toning (group exercise where you train your whole body. Super intense!!)
Tuesdag: -rest day- Puh...
Wednesday: 1h sweaty afrodance (which was sooo mich fun), 30 min light cycling, + 1h body toning. This day was GREAT. I'll have to start booking myself for two group workouts more often!
Thursday: 50 min Indoor striding (one of my worst enemies lol. I'm trying to get over it because it's suuccchh I great way to train cardio) + 1h arms (together with two of my gym buddies, I felt like we pushed eachother to the limit which was great. I'm still sore although it's monday today lol)
Friday: don't remember but I did something lol...
Saturday: LEG DAY!! 1k high incline powerwalk and an unknown amount of minutes where we went through our whole legs. I also increased my weights on a lot, which felt amazing. I love the feeling of getting stronger! :D
Sunday: 20 min cardio + core. I felt pretty tired from lying around in the sun all day so this workout stayed pretty short. But it's always something! Every workout counts ;-)

GREAT workout week according to me. However, I have a feeling this week won't be as great. Unfortunately... I need to focus on studying and my finals which I have two of (in Swedish) tomorrow and thursday. Well, life has its different shades. You'll need to remember to focus on the right things! Although working out is one of my favorite priorities. ;-)

Breakfast at the terace <3 Simply amazing.

Saturday's leg workout! Totally loved this one!

What I cooked for me and my mom saturday. Chicken, always always chicken. 
I need some variety lol. However I variate with a thousand different ingredients and
 herbs which makes every dish special! Never gonna get tired of my chicken ;-)

Sundayfunday. Or... sunday SUNday. Get it? SUNday. Oh how funny am I really??!???

April 21, 2013

#WTFis Clean Eating ?

No, it’s not all about making sure those carrots are squeaky clean before chowing down (though that’s probably not a bad idea). While there's no hard and fast definition, clean eating is all about consuming only whole foods (think: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), while avoiding processed and fast foods at all costs. The idea is to promote health and encourage individuals to become aware of what they are eating (not to mention the benefits of lowering sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredient intake). So what’s the fuss all about, and should you try it, too? Due to the lack of super-strict rules attached to this lifestyle, its popularity may lie in its ability to encourage healthier eating by allowing people to pick the foods they like and reap healthy rewards.

So I found this article about clean eating at greatist.com, which I think you should spend a minute reading. It gives you a pretty clear idea of what clean eating actually is :-) It's this "diet" that I'm trying to keep myself to 99% of the time. Read the whole article here!

// Matilda

April 08, 2013

I'm Not Dead Guys!

The week before spring break was slightly intense and I forgot about you guys I'm sorry! And spring break was the perfect time for me not to feel any duty at all, I needed that big time. I hope you can understand ;-) Next time this happens, remember I'm always always and always updating with motivation and meals on instragram (healthyfoodgram)

So last week which was spring break I barely worked out, since I spend wednesday-sunday in Stockholm. I spend my days walking around, in and out of shops, trying out clothes etc so I guess that'll be my workout for those days haha. I failed to do my daily planks which I started with 1st of April too, which I feel like is okay. However I did them one morning and now when I'm back home I'll continue as normal. I met up with a friend right when I got back to my city to work out, and then I had my usual food again after ating out wednesday-sunday. Quark, raspberries, banana..I didn't know you could miss those things so much lol. Back to routines!! ;-)

And now, some instagram pictures from my day: