February 09, 2013

Hellooo and happy saturday! You know what? I totally slept in today, and I could really feel how much I needed it. I mean during the weekdays, I seem to have a non-stop schedule that just keeps going and going...Until the weekend comes, or when I have breakes. That's when I can exhale. For real.

After waking up I had a one of my favorite breakfast. I just have to say before I started eating healthy I seriously thought clean eating would be so difficult and boring. But it's quite the opposite. I'm in love with health foods now!

My breakfast today. Sooo yummy!!!! The parfait consists of mango/strawberry smoothie,
 low fat vanilla yogurt, almond granola, museli and pumpkin seeds.

Today's workout:
-1000 meters sprint as warm up
- "Do the monkey" 20 x 3 (4kg)
-"Dear god don't hit your face" 10 x 3 (3kg)
- "The gun show" 20 x 5 (5kg)

- Dumbbell shoulder press 10 x 3 (5kg)
-Shoulder press on machine 10 x 1 (12,5 kg) &  10 x 4 (10 kg)
- Knee pushups 10 x 3
- Regular pushups 10 x 2
- Advanced pushups 10 x 2
- Back raises 20 x 4

Now: A yummy almond milk chocolate protein shake, well deserved shower and dinner! 

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