February 03, 2013

Time to ease my mind: A looong post about my thoughts on judgemental people, the greatest truths I know and some personal fitness-journey talk.

Hi guys! Prepare for a deep post, cause I'm kind of in a mood when I need to write my thoughts out. It's gonna be messy and maybe a little un-organzed but I hope you'll be able catch my point. I just need to ease my mind and hopefully what I have to say will encourage you.

So, over the passed few months I have read about, met and heard people complaining about girls. Certain girls at the gym. Those people who talk are mostly boys in my own age. They, with their super-awesome-best-in-the-world-lifting-weights-no-excuses-I-love-casein kind of knowledge, are totally judging what the girls are practising at the gym. We are wrong for not lifting, we are wrong for not doing enough sets, we are wrong for talking to our friends, we are wrong for spending most time at the treadmill and we are wrong for this and that and this and that.

Let me tell you an example. Let's say there's a girl who enters the gym, spends half an hour at the treadmill running or walking with incline. Then she do some excersises such as planks and a couple of crunches. And then leaves the gym. This happens to be something that those judging people are getting totally out of their minds about, as if that workout is for no matter and it's was unnecessary. You know what? I just wanna throw a sign in their face saying "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS"! And then I'd say: Just don't have your finger in the pie about wether someone is not doing stuff the way you consider right or enough. A workout is always better than no workout. Gahh!! I mean some people just need to come to realization that we all are at different stages and levels in this!!!

It's not realistic to require a new born to stand on their legs and walk the first thing it does when their mother gave birth to them such as it's not realistic to compare a well-experienced gym yunkie to a person who just started their journey. Matter of fact, we all have to start somewhere, just as with everything else in life. Here comes the point: Learning takes time. Developing takes time.  Progressing takes time. Facing and overcoming fear takes time. What I want people to understand is that we all need our time to grow. So let's stop caring about what judging people are telling us for starters. We all know it's not possible to know every fitness-realted fact or be aware of every single scietific effect of certain statergies all at once. We are not able to each goals overnight. We can't become fully grown before we even start. But if we stick to this, try out new things, accept failure and still keep faith, we will develop our little bubble of knowledge about our bodies. We will learn about what works best for us. It takes time and patiante, you can trust me ont that cause I've been and I am there. So please remember, at times, you'll feel like you aren't progressing. I feel thay way every now and then too. But whatever you do, do not give up on this. We are all able to do this. And YOU are one of them.

Just as a little additional personal enlightenment; there's nothing wrong with sticking to the treadmill in the beginning. When I first decided to become the best version of me and started my fitness journey running was the only thing I managed to do t the gym. I was even a little scared to try out the machines and weights to be honest, and the simple step to start running was something I had to speak myself into. My first months consisted of mainly running, and I remember how hard it was but I kept pushing myself somewhere deep inside I knew I'd get better with time. I lost my excess fat that way. (I also started to clean up my diet) Eventually I put my mind into using machines. And today, a little more than one year later I look back on the habits I used to have I can just think "wow, this has taken me so much time, dedication and patience. It took time to change my lifestyle. But look at me now. I made it this far, and more is yet to come.

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