February 24, 2013

About Last Night & Today's Workout

Hi guys! The fashion shows I participated in last night went great. I was super nervous before every single time it was my turn to enter the runway, but as fast as I got out there all those feelings disappeared and I just had so much fun. I'm so happy I didn't fall haha...additionally my bf said I did great so I'll have to trust him on that! :) 
Me before the 2nd show

Now to today's workout! Here's what I did:

-1 k incline power walk
- 2 k sprint
- Barbell squat 10 x 3 (20 kg)
- Lying leg press 7 x 4 (60 kg)
- Thigh leg lift 7 x 5
- Calf press 7 x 4
-180 degree crunsh raises 7 x 4

My day so far: Panana pancake breakfast with my bf, salmon dinner (+ pear protein shake and an avocado) for post-workout dinner. A pic from todays gym sesh, snack while studying. 

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