April 22, 2013

Last Week's Workout Routine

Hi there! Today is Monday and it's all dull and boring outside unlike the weekend when the sun shone all day. I was even able to sunbath for a couple of hours saturday and sunday, which is kinda pretty super amazingly great for being Sweden. Though I love it. But the summer wasn't here to stay obviously lol. I'm hoping that the sun just hiding for a while. I loved to feel the warmth on my skin again, it kinda reminded both me and my mum about the early summer in new york. Oh gosh that last summers weather was like a stove crossed with a hairdryer twentyfour seven, no joke. Well now I'm just spitting words again, TO THE BUSINESS. I was gonna tell you about last week's workout routine. So here it is:

Monday: 1h body toning (group exercise where you train your whole body. Super intense!!)
Tuesdag: -rest day- Puh...
Wednesday: 1h sweaty afrodance (which was sooo mich fun), 30 min light cycling, + 1h body toning. This day was GREAT. I'll have to start booking myself for two group workouts more often!
Thursday: 50 min Indoor striding (one of my worst enemies lol. I'm trying to get over it because it's suuccchh I great way to train cardio) + 1h arms (together with two of my gym buddies, I felt like we pushed eachother to the limit which was great. I'm still sore although it's monday today lol)
Friday: don't remember but I did something lol...
Saturday: LEG DAY!! 1k high incline powerwalk and an unknown amount of minutes where we went through our whole legs. I also increased my weights on a lot, which felt amazing. I love the feeling of getting stronger! :D
Sunday: 20 min cardio + core. I felt pretty tired from lying around in the sun all day so this workout stayed pretty short. But it's always something! Every workout counts ;-)

GREAT workout week according to me. However, I have a feeling this week won't be as great. Unfortunately... I need to focus on studying and my finals which I have two of (in Swedish) tomorrow and thursday. Well, life has its different shades. You'll need to remember to focus on the right things! Although working out is one of my favorite priorities. ;-)

Breakfast at the terace <3 Simply amazing.

Saturday's leg workout! Totally loved this one!

What I cooked for me and my mom saturday. Chicken, always always chicken. 
I need some variety lol. However I variate with a thousand different ingredients and
 herbs which makes every dish special! Never gonna get tired of my chicken ;-)

Sundayfunday. Or... sunday SUNday. Get it? SUNday. Oh how funny am I really??!???

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