April 22, 2013

Nutty Chocolate Protein Bars [HOMEMADE]

Doesn't they look deliiiiiicious? I just had all of these along with a latte... well, I shouldn't be that sorry because they are rather clean. If you disregard from the tiiiiny amount of syrup (suggested: maple syrup) those bars are actually 100% clean! (Not sure if syrup is clean....do you know?) Well, this is how I made them, very improvised: First I microwaved 2 dl of oats along with a little bit water to make the oats stick and get a little smudgy. Then I added in some unsweetened cocoa, approxmately 1 and 1/2 tablespoon...a whole lot of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and some flax aswell. You can throw in whatever you please really. Except a bomb, then you'll die. I also put in a tiny bit of syrup, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Mixed it all together into a thick dough, formed it into a square-looking rather flat cookie, melted some 70% dark chocolate to put on top, then I had it in the freezer for let's say...an hour! Took it out, cut in pieces and tada it's done! :-D

 Note that a lot of the things I cook and bake are more or less improvised=use your little foodie-brain and add some more of any ingredient if you find it neccesary. 

I'd love to see your result!! Tag me in your picture on instagram and I'll have a look! It's @healthyfoodgram you know it fellas! ;-)

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