April 08, 2013

I'm Not Dead Guys!

The week before spring break was slightly intense and I forgot about you guys I'm sorry! And spring break was the perfect time for me not to feel any duty at all, I needed that big time. I hope you can understand ;-) Next time this happens, remember I'm always always and always updating with motivation and meals on instragram (healthyfoodgram)

So last week which was spring break I barely worked out, since I spend wednesday-sunday in Stockholm. I spend my days walking around, in and out of shops, trying out clothes etc so I guess that'll be my workout for those days haha. I failed to do my daily planks which I started with 1st of April too, which I feel like is okay. However I did them one morning and now when I'm back home I'll continue as normal. I met up with a friend right when I got back to my city to work out, and then I had my usual food again after ating out wednesday-sunday. Quark, raspberries, banana..I didn't know you could miss those things so much lol. Back to routines!! ;-)

And now, some instagram pictures from my day:

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