April 21, 2013

#WTFis Clean Eating ?

No, it’s not all about making sure those carrots are squeaky clean before chowing down (though that’s probably not a bad idea). While there's no hard and fast definition, clean eating is all about consuming only whole foods (think: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), while avoiding processed and fast foods at all costs. The idea is to promote health and encourage individuals to become aware of what they are eating (not to mention the benefits of lowering sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredient intake). So what’s the fuss all about, and should you try it, too? Due to the lack of super-strict rules attached to this lifestyle, its popularity may lie in its ability to encourage healthier eating by allowing people to pick the foods they like and reap healthy rewards.

So I found this article about clean eating at greatist.com, which I think you should spend a minute reading. It gives you a pretty clear idea of what clean eating actually is :-) It's this "diet" that I'm trying to keep myself to 99% of the time. Read the whole article here!

// Matilda

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