August 14, 2013

Today's Food Log (DAY #2 of Bootea Detox)

Breakfast: Oatmeal with milk and one banana + daytime detox tea
Lunch: Cod with broccoli and tomatoes, a nectarine as dessert


Snack: 1 cups of regular green tea
Snack 2: Quark with raspberries, two crispbreads topped with sliced banana
Dinner: Smoked salmon / shrimp / crab - salad at a café


I also had a snapple since me and a couple of friends went on a spontaneous visit at the movies. Gahh it was a little hard to resist buying a whole bag of candy and chocolate just as my friends did, but I managed the temptation! After the movies I had one pear before going to bed. Aaand just to remind you, the bedtime tea is only to be consumed every other night, that's why I didn't drink it this day.

Exercise: 30 min fast power walk in the morning

// Matilda

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