August 12, 2013

It's Time!!!

Hey guys! I just got back home from my boyfriend and had my first cup (ehh okay glass, I had it in a glass lol) of Bootea detox tea! As I've promised I'll keep you updated on my progress and thoughts here on the blog! I'll try to list what I eat throughout each day as well as mention whenever I work out, so that you can have the clearest understanding possible of what was required for ME reach the result I'll eventually (and hopefully) get.

So, first of all I'll answer a few common questions about the tea and the detox.

What does the tea do? (The following list is taken from

The natural ingredients found in Bootea can:
•    Increase your metabolism
•    Burn calories and convert food to energy
•    Burn fat & counteract fat storage
•    Regulate blood sugar levels
•    Assist in the digestion of food
•    Suppress appetite
•    Improve skin health
•    Improve quality of sleep 
•    Cleanse & detoxify
•    Allow you to reach your health/weightloss goals

What does the tea taste like? So far I've only tried the daytime tea, and it tastes exactly like green tea. And since I love green tea I'm very pleased but if you don't, you can always free feel to add lemon, natural sweetener or natural honey.

How much does it cost? A 14 day detox is £14,99. Delivery within the UK is free, shipping to countries in Europe is £3 and worldwide is £5. It worked very well to recieve my package, it was delivered as regular post at me house! If I remember right it took about 4 working days to get it.

How often do I have to drink it? You'll recieve 14 daytime teabags which you drink in the morning for 14 days in row, and 7 teabags of nightime cleanse which you drink every other night during the detox.

For more information, go ahead and visit <3
Stay tuned!! :D
// Matilda

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