August 02, 2013

Getting Ready For Bootea DETOX

Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry for my absence. While I've been "gone", I hope you've kept yourself updated on my instagram where I'm active aaallll the time. Unfortunately, I don't have time to spend as much energy on here. However, now when I'm waiting for my 14 day detox tea from BOOTEA to get its way through the UK to my mail box, I got inspiration to get back to blogging.

So, in just a few days my detox tea will arrive, and I'm so excited! I've always wanted to try a teatox and see how my body would react to it.

I just finished reading the eating plan on, which is suggested to follow. However, after doing some research and using my own little brain, I've decided to just stick to my clean diet, eat lots of veggies, fruits and other natural foods. Plus avoid red meats and stick to chicken, salmon, cod, mackerel, tuna etc. I still have thoughts on cutting out diary though....what do you guys think? Can I live without my quark or milk to my oats in the morning? Gahh there's so many theories about what is considered clean, what you should eat to prevent bloat, what you should eat to prevent this and that and this gaaahh haha. Can I have the key??? Lol.

My plan is to keep you updated on what I eat every day during the detox, and share my before/after pictures here on the blog and on my instagram account afterwards. What do you guys think about that?

Xx // Matilda, healthyfoodgram

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