June 14, 2013


Me a couple of days ago (looooove my new nikes)

Hey guys! I suppose most of you have gone on summer break by now? I finished school yesterday and  I'm so happy!!! I really needed a break, and this one will last for a while.. wooaa! Thank God! I'll spend my summer hanging out with friends, working out, working and going on festivals. Last but not least I'm leaving for Bosnia with one of my bff's in just 17 days, where I'll stay for a week and after that we'll spend another week in Croatia. Yayyy! I really can't wait! This is also a really good motivation for me to stay on track when it comes to diet and exercise. I've been so lazy lately due to a hip injury, but I'm good now and ready to get back on track!! I hope you all are doing well. Love ya, xx

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