January 21, 2013

Why You Should Introduce Lemons Into Your Diet

I'm a total lemon water addict, I drink it basically every day. And it's contageous guys. (the addiction, not the lemons lol) Read and learn! ;)

- Lemons are high in vitamin C which helps to prevent wrinkles and clear your skin from blemishes
- Lemons contains potassium which balances your heart preassure.
- Lemons are good for your immune system and helps to fight colds.
- Lemons has a high level of pectin fibre which is good for controlling hunger and cravings.

Those are just a few benefits of lemons, browse through the internet to find even more. ( As if those weren't enough to introduce lemons into your diet already?!? ) My tip is to have a glass of hot lemon water as the first thing you drink in the morning. If you start off healthy, you are more likely to finish healthy. That's fact. So go get that lemon, squeeze some into a glass of water, heat it up and enjoy. Every. Single. Day.

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