January 20, 2013

Stay Strong This Week!

After being sick for a whole week (sigh), I'm actually pretty excited to get back to school tomorrow. Lying around in bed for a week have certainly been relaxing but after all I can't wait to get back to my every day rutine. Both because I get to meet my classmates again but also because I'm a person who needs structure. Additionally, I can't wait to get back to me eating and excersise habits!!!

A new year or month is a perfect way to start over, give yourself a new chance to do better or take your fitness to the next level. But as well as a new month is a possibility to have a fresh start, a regular Monday could do it! And why not start tomorrow? Join me! :-)

Here's some tips of mine:
♥ Stay motivated. Change your lock screen picture into a collage of pictures that inspires you or grab a pen and write down small inspirational quotes in your journal for you to read whenever.
♥ Sleep well! Go to bed a little earlier than you usually do and you'll feel energized and ready for a new week.
♥ Eat breakfast. Get up early enough in to have a filling breakfast. Studies actually shows that those who skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight.
♥ Snack safe. Before heading to school or work, pack some healthy snacks to reach for when you feel hungry inbetween meals.
♥ Stay hydrated! Always keep a bottle of water in your bag or locker and fill up frequently.

And remember! Every day is a new opportunity! Good night peeps!
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