January 27, 2013

What Cravings Are Caused By - And How To Prevent Them

We all have our little cravings* once in a while am I right? These cravings are usually caused by four factors:

1.Habits, developed by you and yourself only. Maybe you have had dessert after dinner every day while you grew up and when that habit suddenly is cut out, a cravings can start automatically.
2. Phsycological association. Our brain is a really powerful tool and sometimes mental associations can trigger a craving for a certain foods. For example passing by a bakery may make you want to grab a pastry, and seeing a Mcdonalds ad may trigger a craving for french fries. Certain activities such as watching a movie, which is heavily associated with eating popcorn or candy, may also cause cravings. Even the mention of watching a movie may launch a craving for junk.
3. Dieting. While dieting (or changing lifestyle I'd rather like to say) and more or less banning certain foods out of your diet, it is not very unusual to crave those very foods that you are trying to avoid.
4. Another factor that may make you crave certain foods and binge on them might be emotions. Maybe you reach for chocolate or ice cream while feeling bad? I bet I'm not the only one. Those foods are so called "comfort foods". Since you have those foods in order ease stress or outrage, they may as well slowly become associated with feeling good which can be dangerous in the long run.

SO, what do we do to precent those desires? Here's some tips for you guys!!! Listen close. Or read close...well whatever read this shit hahaha:

Eat regulary: Skipping meals is not way to go. You just get hungry and end up having something unhealthy. And in fact, eating regulary is important wether you want to gain weight, loose body fat, gain muscle etc. Eating small meals every 2-3-4 hours does also decrease bingeing and indulging, since you never really get to feel that banging hunger.

Reach for gum: When you crave something sugary such as candy or soda, have a gum instead. Sometimes you just need something to chew on, and a gum might just make you forget about what you craved before.

Drink water: If the craving is caused by imaginary hunger, drinking a few glasses of water can help you get rid of the problem.

Go for a walk: Sometimes putting your mind on something else for a while will make you forget about a craving. Have a walk around the block or do something else to change the scenery.

Get some fruit: Fruits are natures own candy. Have a piece of cinnamon-sprinkeled apples or any fruit that you'd like.

Choose quality over quantiet: When you have decided to have little treat, reach for a few perfect dark chocolate truffles rather than a whole king-sized candy bar.

Find subtitutes: There are always something similar to what yo crave that isn't as unhealthy. If you crave chocolate, have a dark kind. If you want ice cream, make your own or look for a un-sweetened one. Want chips? Have a few salted (or unsalted, even better) peanuts, and when longing for candy reach for fruit.

Give in a little: Although you are dedicated to live healthy and stay away from sweets, you can't stay away from your favorite goodies forever. Don't be afraid! Sometimes you can have that treat but remember to use moderation as a rule most of the time. Enjoy and no regret! :)

I found some images realted to this from tumblr. I always found enjoying posts with pictues more than the ones with text only so I'll try my very best to please you that way too. Bye for now readers! :-)

   *the desire for a specific food or taste

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