January 27, 2013

7 "Healthy" Snacks To Avoid

Hi! So I recently found this awesome informative list of 7 snacks that you should avoid. We all eat a few snacks a day to keep our hunger and cravings away But you know what? Some of the most usual kinds of snacks that SEEMS to be healthy, might be the opposite! Check this out:

(I found the information on a swedish page but I tried my very best to translate it.)

1.Potato Chips
In addition to the chips contents are high in fat, sodium and calories, they also have a high glycemic index (GI), which stops the blood sugar. When potatoes are heated to a high temperature, they release acrylamide which often is associated with nerve damage.

2. Rice cakes
Although many consider rice cakes as pretty innocent snacks, it is just as unhealthy as chips and cookies. Rice cakes are made from polished white rice almost only consists of simple carbs. Many varieties are also flavored and contain excessive sugar and salt.

3. Blueberry Muffins
This popular cake might trick even healthily convinced people to grab one. But as long as you have not made muffins yourself, you should avoid them in the trade as they often contain extra added sugar and flavor aroma.

4. Honey Roasted salted nuts
The combination of fat, sugar and salt will allow you to have a whole bowl without problems. But nuts are most useful in its natural form, so skip those that are flavored!

5.  Microwave Popcorn
Aside from all of the processed carbohydrates and salt, popcorn contains very unhealthy trans fats. Furthermore, the inside of the bags are often coated with chemicals to prevent the popcorn to stick. So instead, pop the popcorn yourself, and use as little fat as possible. And avoid to add salt!

6. Dried fruit
Would you eat seven mangos at once? Or 12 peaches? A small bag of dried fruit contains almost as much. When the fruit get dried they loses it's healthy potential - but retains the natural sugars. Our bodies are not equipped to consume as much sugar at once, even though it actually comes from a natural source.

7. Diet soda
Diet sodas are the worst of them all. It contains a carcinogenic sweetener, called aspartame, which can be connected to neurological problems. In addition, the soda increases the craving in the central brain, which also increases your appetite.

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