January 29, 2013

Today's workout: CORE

I'm so exhausted from todays workout!!!! I totally killed myself throughout the whole one and a half hour I spend at the gym, barely no pauses. I mean it happens that have a little chat with friends every once in a while inbetween reps and stuff but today I worked non-stop which was great. Another thing that I'm truly satisfied with is that I tried a lot of new excersises today due to a feeling that I need to change up and challenge myself more. I have worked out for serious manners for a long time now and feel like I want to take it to the next level. So that's really something I'll aim for from now on! Anyway, I'm going to tell you what I did today. If you got any questions about any particular excersise let me know and I'll either explain, show pictures or make a video. Here we go:

Warm-up at the treadmill:
-0.50 k incline high speed walk
-1 k sprint
-0.50 high incline jog
-0.05 high speed sprint

Upper and partly lower abs:
- 2 regular crunches, 2 alternating crunches, 2 double crunches x 10
- knee-to-chest crunches with 4 kg

Lower abs:
-Regular leg raise 20 x 3
-Curl and stretch leg raise 20 x 3
-" Butt raise" 20 x 3
-Static leg raise hold 30 sec x 3

-Oblique twists 20 x 2 no weights
-Oblique twists 2 x 20 (2 kg)
-Oblique twists 2 x 20 (5 kg)
-Standing side dip with 9 kg 10 x 7 / side
-Back lift 10 x 3 + 20 sek hold

-regular plank, 30 sec x 3
-side plank with 3 kg weight 20 sek / side
-side plank crunches 10 x 3 / side
-side plank dips 10 x 3 / side

I didn't know what pictues to use for this post so here's just a random pic of me! :)

It's time to sleep! I hope you had a great day today! / Matilda

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