March 06, 2013

Today's Tricep Workout

Hey! I just finished my post workout meal after coming back from the gym. Right before I went there I found  a few great workout charts on a tumblr page so I decided to do one of them today. As a warmup I did my 1k sprint which I'll do before/after every workout during a few months and see how fast I can get. I do sooo badly want to be able to join a serious race some time!! Okay anyways here's today's workout:

-Triceps pushdown 7,5 kg 10x5
-Overhead triceps extension 5 kg 10x4
-Dumbell triceps extension 5 kg 10x4
-Seated barbell extension 7,5 kg 10x4
-Overhead barbell extension 8 kg 10x4
-Dumbell kickback 7,5 kg 10x4

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