March 07, 2013

Today's [AMAZING] Food Intake & Back Workout

Wooaa! I really felt like I've held my blood sugar at the same levels throughout the whole day today. I haven't been feeling crazily starving, and I haven't been feeling stuffed or bloated. I've just had an amazing feeling! You know what? This is so important! It's so important not to let yourself walk around hungry, or get to over-eat. I've experienced both of those, either with purpose and by accident. But when time has passed I've come to realization that I need to eat clean, nutrition-rich foods, regulary in order to feel good. That's when my body is at it's best, both mentally and physically. Eating is the key!! (I'm planning on writing more about eating regulary in a few days, stay tuned....)

 So, I've decided to write out what I've eaten today since I've felt great. For me to remember and you might  also want to take notice. And after the meals I'll list today's workout. I did BACK and only back for the first time today. I rly feel like I need to work on my back a lot more than I've done before.

Food intake:
7.20: Breakfast: Double whole wheat sandwhich with turkey, low fat cottage cheese and avocado.
10.00: An apple and a cup of green citrus tea
12:00: Lunch at school: Lettuce, carrot, corn, lentil sprouts, some of a chicken dish which was served and a whole wheat cracker:
14:00: Whole wheat sanwhich with ham and a yogurt drink
16:00 Allévo chocolate low cal bar
19.30: Protein shake
20:30: Dinner: Oven baked sweet potato and carrot, stir fried chicken.
+ ~ 2,5 liters of water

-10 min power walk with incline (1,63 k)
-1k row (7 minutes)
-Upright row 10kg 10x5
-Bent-over row 10kg 10x5
-Lat pulldown (front) 25kg 7x4
-Chin dups 7x4 (40 kg help weight)
-Back lift 20x3
-1k sprint

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