January 18, 2013

How to get started

1. Analyze what you need to change. Ask yourself why you want to change your lifestyle. Maybe you want to quit smoking, get rid of excess weight, gain muscle or simply become healthier by start eating better. Ask yourself what you have to change in order to reach your goal. If you want to eat healthier, analyze what you need to change about your diet. And make sure to change what you keep in your refridgerator!

2. Educate yourself. If you want to start eating better, search for nutrition information through the internet, books or ask your doctor. If you want to start exercising, learn about the different alternatives that are out there: Where you live, what gyms and sport activities do you have to choose from? Get a affordable gym memership.

3. Make a plan. Set target dates for your goals - and make them realistic! If you are putting up huge goals and are expecting to reach them in a short period of time you are more likely to give up. Instead, set up small goals and you'll suceed! Some first plan examples could be "Start lifting weights twice a week" or "Start doing cardio 30 minutes every day" depending on your level.

4. Set up priorities. You may have more than one aim, not all are possible to reach at once. Therefore, concentrate on one or two at a time.

5. Put your plan into action. Now when you have analyzed what you need to change, gotten yourself some  nutrition facts, made a plan and set up priorities; Let's get started! I'm here to support.

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