August 16, 2013

Today's Food Log (DAY #5 of Bootea Detox)

Thank God it's friday!! After being very strict with my food intake all week due to my detox, Friday is finally here!! One word: foooood. Lol! Today I had a day which usually is called "cheat day", but I really don't like using that word when letting myself eat some of the less unhealthy things I truly enjoy. I mean the soul needs to be fed too?? ;-) Any suggestions for an new expression for days when you have one or a few unhealthy treats?? Treat day sounds so weird in my ears too..or does it? Eh, whatever haha. Here's the food log of the day:

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, plain yogurt with unsweetened müesli. I also had a few slices of watermelon as well as a cup of the daytime detox tea as usual.
Snack: A Peach a pear
Lunch: Chinese buffet (!!)
Dessert: A generous but not too big serving of ice cream
Dinner: 4 pieces of sushi
Evening snack: A few yogurt covered strawberries, chocolate covered nuts, cashews and chili nuts.
Today's dessert and evening snack :-)

Even though this was a day when I let myself eat whatever I like, I ate with moderation throughout the whole day and even though every meal except breakfast and snack # 1 was somewhat unhealthy I'm proud of myself! I think eating healthy all week and letting one day be a day when I eat whatever I prefer is my thing. It keeps both mind, soul taste buds sane :-)

Okay, so I was thinking about doing a little update on the teatox I'm doing! As some of you know, the bedtime tea in the 14 day bootea teatox has laxative effects. That is simply because a detox actually is done in order to flush out stuff such as toxins, waste substances etc.
The first day after drinking the bedtime tea I did not notice any laxative effects at all, however, the day after having my second bedtime tea bag (at the third evening of the teatox) I started to visit the bathroom more frequently. It was nothing that bothered me though! Just letting the teatox do its thing! Lol ;-) Talking about tea, it's time for my bedtime cup. Take care!


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