August 18, 2013

20 Facts About Me

Helloooo! So I was tagged in this picture on IG that says "If you're tagged: Repost, list 20 facts and tag 20 of your fav accounts". So I decided to publish it all on here too! I thought it was gonna be fun! :D

1. I'm 18 years old
2. My mom gave birth to me about 4 weeks to early
3. I want to become an actress or a musical artist
4. I've attended High school in New York

5. Neither my boyfriend or my best friend lives in the same city as me

6. I travel with the local transportation a looot
7. My work this summer was telling stories for children and guiding tourists in my home town
8. Valencia is the only filter I'm using except b&w, both on my fitness- and personal IG
9. "I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm finished" is my favorite quote, it always motivates me when I want to give up while running!!

10. Chocolate is my biggest weakness and I used to eat it everyday before I started my "healthy life"

11. I love to perform, act, sing and write.
12. My biggest fear is losing someone I love
13. I've never broken a single bone in my body before
14. When I've been around people and socialized for a long time I need/love to be alone
15. Before I discovered healthy eating and working out I was the laziest person on this planet
16. I'm both afraid, curious and excited about the future
17. I wish I had a bigger room so I could get a bigger bed and a bigger closet
18. I looove to travel and see new places

19. I want to try cookie dough Questbars soooo badly!
20. I wish I could meet all of my blog and Instagram readers/followers on a big field and everyone would bring something healthy to eat and we all would share it all and talk about fitness and life and working out and then we all would go on a group fitness class together

Xx // Matilda

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