March 01, 2013

Run Friday Run

Heyy!! It's fridayyyy! Yay! A short day in school is done, and an even shorter workout (super intense though. I pushed myself TO DA FREKKIN LIMIT). I hurried home to shower, got myself a protein shake on the go, went to the bus stop. Calmly standing there happy I made it on time. And what happens? The bus doesn't stop for me! And this was the last bus IN HOURS. So what did I do? I was like "Crap. Ok so there's nothing I can do about this I'll just have to be late for me and bf's dinner" But then a few seconds later I started running like crazy, hoping the driver would notice me and stop. Apparently he didn't. But I didn't want to give up and for some odd reason I made it to the next bus stop ( which was like...noot close to the one I was standing by at first haha) RIGHT on time. ( with help from another bus driver who used the horn times 261990 to make "my" bus driver aware of that crazy chick running behind. ) Ahahahah that's my story. I even think it's reasonable to write this out like a second workout of the day on the blog.

So, today's workout(s):
-3 km intense sprint on the treadmill
-Approximately 300 meters crazy run after a bus who didn't want me (weights: big ass bag, about 3 kgs lol)

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